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Our mission is to provide an efficient platform, through which professionals and business can come together to minimise the longer-term economic and likely mental-wellbeing impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Our primary purposes are to connect New Zealand business with validated information, business community support and New Zealand professionals.  

Small & medium-sized businesses in New Zealand are finding themselves dealing with a changing and challenging environment. These businesses need help from the wider New Zealand Business community and professionals, at the same time, many professionals are finding themselves available to help. 

The Business Support Network offers a platform encouraging free thought, focused towards supporting New Zealand businesses recovering from the COVID-19 outbreak. Here you will find discussion from a New Zealand perspective, and we welcome blogs and comments from everyone who wishes to contribute. Use the contact page to reach out if you would like to discuss contributing a blog entry.

Please Note: that this is not a buy, sell, exchange page or business advertising page, with the exception of professionals and businesses who note their availability in the directory pages or as a response to a business requesting such services. Please refrain from posting unsolicited buy, sell, exchange page or business advertising which may be removed without warning, notification or other communication.

Most importantly let's be safe and stay healthy!


New Zealand Business Support Network respects the privacy of its users and complies with all relevant domestic and international legislation, including GDPR. Read our privacy policy here.



If you would like to contribute a blog or have any questions about the site, please contact the editor using the contact page. Contributors are not remunerated and retain full rights to their work.



The New Zealand Business Support Network encourages vibrant, positive and helpful discussions between people of all backgrounds and beliefs about the critical issues of our time. We welcome disagreement and debate but ask that all participants remain civil and constructive and obey New Zealand law.

Please don't post a comment which is threatening, discriminatory, defamatory, libellous, spam, advertising, uses offensive language or is wildly irrelevant. All it boils down to is good manners and a bit of common sense!

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