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Accessing Government funded Covid-19 Business Continuity Planning advice - Russell Bacon

The Government has set up a fund to provide “Free” business advice to businesses that are struggling with the effects of Covid-19, via the existing Regional Business Partners framework.

On the Kapiti Coast businesses can apply to this fund for a Business Advice voucher to spend with registered providers through WellingtonNZ:

The process is as follows:

WellingtonNZ is the conduit for this funding in our area and affected businesses need to register with WellingtonNZ at the WellingtonNZ web site https://www.wellingtonnz.com/business/covid-19/

The page opens up and then you need to click on the “Contact” button shown below.

You fill in your details and a member of the WellingtonNZ Response team will contact you within a couple of days to see if you qualify for Covid-19 funded business advice.

If you qualify, WellingtonNZ will give you a voucher to spend on business advice from a registered advisor in the following areas:

  • Business Continuity Planning

  • Financial

  • HR

  • Health & Welfare

Once the funding is approved you can approach a registered provider of your choice.

The provider will create an “Event” against which you can spend your voucher.

The WellingtonNZ website also has many other resources, forums, webinars to watch and links to other advice and information on COVID-19. This information would be useful to you to help navigate you way through the Covid-19 storm that we are passing through.

At Advantage Business we have recognised that we need to make sure that this advice funding goes as far as possible and we have heavily discounted our fees for government funded Covid-19 support. We are registered providers of Business Continuity Planning, Financial and HR advice

Keep Safe, Wash your Hands heaps and Be Kind on yourself and those around you!

Russell Bacon

If you need help with this process contact me:


Cell 02 7858 7858

Russell Bacon Business Advisor Advantage Business Limited

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