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Free App-less mobile Contactless Contact Tracing Register for Kapiti & Horowhenua Businesses

Updated: May 16, 2020

BSN Kapiti has made available for FREE the COVID-19 Contactless Contact Tracing Register to all local Kapiti and Horowhenua Businesses

Major advantages of this system include:

1) There is no need for any app to be installed on business or customers phones/devices.

Many people struggle to install mobile apps, or just don't want another app on their phone

2) Its simple to use for both the business and its customers/visitors

3) Its FREE for all local Kapiti and Horowhenua Businesses to use

This short introduction video explains how to get it up and running for you business in minutes

A common question is, does a user need to reenter their contact details to check-out? There is no need; the system knows they are already checked in next time to bar code is scanned, and instead, they receive the check-out window. Both the check-in and check-out times are recorded. Also, if they have checked in at another business previously (of yours), then their phone remember the contact details they entered and fills in the check-in forms automatically with the same information. They can still change the details if needed.

Additional features will be added in to coming days such as an optional realtime timer that lets you know how long a customer or visitor has been on site. And, an optional table or location tag, so you can record were the customer was seated or the site area they visited.

The register records are backed up daily are available if need for tracing purposes on request.

It is available for FREE at bsn.nz

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