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How To Manage Stress In Uncertain Times - Lorraine Hamilton PCC

Legendary leadership begins with Personal Leadership and in times of increased stress it is more vital than ever to understand our own stress responses before dealing with others.  Whether you are a people leader in the traditional sense, or just need to have better interactions at home with your 'bubble buddies', this presentation will help you to see yourself and others in a different light.

You will learn:

  • Why We All Act Differently In Stressful Situations - it's common knowledge that if we want to change our results we need to change our behaviour, but in reality it's not that easy.  In this section I show you why we all react differently in stressful situations, and the missing link to changing your outcomes.

  • Take The Power Back - you'll discover one simple hack that can transform your physical stress symptoms and give you back Control and Choice over what you do next.

  • How To Identify Your Unique Stress Pattern Earlier - When you can identify your stress indicators earlier, you can go from Reacting to triggers to Responding in a more considered manner, which results in better outcomes for all.

Lorraine Hamilton PCC is a former engineering leader turned award winning Executive Coach and Speaker, based on the Kapiti Coast and serving clients across the world.  

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