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List of which Business types Can and Cannot operate during alert level 3

Can open

  • Supermarkets • Pharmacies • Dairies on a one-in-one-out basis • Petrol stations • Liquor stores in the four licensing trust areas with a monopoly (one-in, one-out basis) • Shopping centres/malls ONLY to allow access to essential services like supermarkets and pharmacies

Can operate

  • Couriers and parcel services - deliveries should be contactless • Removal/moving companies • Plumbers, electricians and tradespeople can work on customers' property (e.g. in homes)

Can open but no face-to-face interactions with customers - online or phone only, with delivery or contactless pick-up

  • Clothing stores • Hardware and DIY stores • Other retail stores • Agricultural supply stores and pet stores • Bars, cafes and restaurants (no alcohol to be sold) • Only off-licence holders whose licence says they can sell and deliver alcohol can do so through contactless delivery and pick-up • Exercise facilities and classes can only offer lessons remotely (eg online)

Covid19.govt.nz: The Government's official Covid-19 advisory website

Can't open or operate

  • Entertainment • Tourist facilities • Hairdressers • Barbers • Nail salons • Non-medical massage services • Cleaners going to clients' homes • Door-to-door sales • Outdoor adventure activities (e.g. guided walks, kayaking tours, quad bike adventures or scenic flights or boat trips) • Driver instruction and licensing, except online applications

Other businesses

  • Real estate - staff can come to work, no face-to-face appointments with clients • No open homes, except remotely. One-on-one viewings and pre-settlement inspections will be possible - further guidance to come • Client-facing workers (such as sales and business development people) must meet with clients remotely unless it is an essential service

Source: NewsTalkZB

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