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Post lockdown Start-up Checklists for Small to medium Businesses - Russell Bacon

By Russell Bacon

So Lockdown is over, Level 3 is here so you can start your business if it is “safe” to do. So what does that mean? Have you thought about all of the issues that may happen? So I thought a little bullet point check list might help pose some questions you might not have thought about yet.

First thing, can some or all of your staff work from home in their bubble? If so, that is the safest place for them.

Working from Home Checklist:

Have you given them a working from home contract agreeing to the way that it will work?

  • Spell out in simple terms what is expected of them, how they will record what they have done, how and when they ask for help,

  • What materials and hardware you will provide to assist them in doing their job.

  • How long you expect this to last or at least when it will be reviewed.

  • What happens if they are sick?

· Have they done a H&S assessment of their new workplace, (Layout, Ergonomics)? What have they done or require, to make it safer.

Those who have to come to work to do their Job Check list:

· Have you got a prestart questionnaire regarding what happened in Lockdown for each staff member:

o Eg was someone in their Bubble infected? Did they have any symptoms of Covid-19 (some may have had it and don’t know), Do they or someone in their bubble have issues that would put them at risk if they caught Covid-19.

· Are you going to check their Temperature before they start work each day?

· Do you have a sign in register for Staff and Contractors asking them if they have had contact with someone who had Covid-19 or had any symptoms?

· Have you spoken in detail to all your staff about how the landscape has changed and what it means for them? Specifically:

  • How will their workplace /workstation/ work processes will change to allow for social distancing?

  • How will Smokos work?

  • Sanitising of their hands and their work area.

  • How will deliveries and despatches work?

  • What happens if they have to share tools or machines?

  • How do you deal with customers?

  • Do your staff have to visit customers’ premises or homes? How do you make sure your staff and customers are safe during such visits?

Yeah! Everyone is back at work and your business is running (or at least jogging) now you can relax. No not yet!

Next steps:

  • Develop a regular Manager check list to make sure your staff are sticking to the rules

  • Record any breaches and modify the rules if required to make them better, the same as with any other H&S incident

  • Develop a complete Covid-19 set of company rules and monitor these for omissions or opportunities for improvement.

If you need help with this process contact me:

RBacon@advantagebusiness.co.nz or cell 02 7858 7858

Russell Bacon Business Advisor

Advantage Business Limited

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