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Returning to work under Alert Level 3 - Dr Angela Robertson

Change can be BIG – life altering events that rock your world, or small, the changes we encounter day-to-day when the unexpected happens and plans need to be rearranged. BIG or small, change is inevitable and unavoidable, and this includes changes in our work and workplace. Depending on your situation, whether you actively initiated the change, or whether the change was someone else’s decision, influences how you deal with it.

Regardless of the circumstances, COVID-19 has created HUGE change as every aspect of our lives has been impacted, an unnerving experience for many people. Most of us like certainty. We are comfortable with what is familiar and predictable to us. HUGE change creates uncertainty so it’s natural for people to feel derailed and apprehensive about what the future might bring. We tend to worry about what ‘might’ happen, the ‘what ifs’, and we’ve all had to discover ways to roll with this change during Alert Level 4.

Returning to work under Alert Level 3 will naturally create uncertainty in the workplace. There are likely to be changes in businesses priorities, cashflow, the nature of our work, the way in which we work together. Amidst this some will be juggling family commitments e.g. temporary child-care arrangements, and/or managing changes in relationships with family and friends.

For business owners and managers, it’s going to be important to try to keep a positive frame of mind, look after your own wellbeing and encourage others to do the same. Creating a high-level transition plan for you and your team, identifying and communicating the priorities ‘the what’, and being clear on ‘the how’, will help everyone settle back into the workplace, step up to the challenge and focus on moving forward, thus becoming productive as soon as possible.

Change can be frightening, but it always provides opportunities to learn new things, refine outdated processes, break old habits, set new goals, improve what we do and develop new ways of working. The only way to evolve and grow is to step outside our comfort zone, reframe and embrace change, focus on the options, decide what we want and take massive action.

Where are you and your team on this journey? If you want support to make this a successful transition for you and your team, reach out and let’s get started.

Dr Angela Robertson

Maximising Potential

Mobile 027 633 2821

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